Which Mobile Phone is Trending Now in India? Which mobile is most selling in India?

Today we talk about Which Mobile Phone is Trending Now in India? Smartphones feature various connectivity options and built-in sensors to improve user experiences, including barometer, compass and GPS for navigation applications.

Apple smartphones are well-known for their superior design and cutting-edge tech features. While Apple devices may be costly, other premium brands such as Samsung and OnePlus make affordable mobile phones that deliver similar experiences.


Samsung is one of the world’s premier mobile phone brands, renowned for their superior cameras and displays and cutting-edge features like sleek designs with comfortable grips and fast processors that offer massive storage capacities. Samsung boasts one of the highest market shares in smartphone sales worldwide.

The company’s business philosophy centers on applying talent and technology to develop superior products that contribute positively to global society. Furthermore, it places high value on its employees’ work. Therefore, they are widely recognized for exceptional customer service and product quality.

Nokia is another highly acclaimed mobile phone brand, known for its selection of models to fit all budgets. Its phones can be found in an assortment of colors at competitive prices, and its smartphones are widely known for their durability and quality performance. Furthermore, Nokia produces accessories and other mobile devices to complement its phones.

Xiaomi is one of India’s top smartphone makers due to its competitive prices and top-tier features, including fast charging capabilities, long battery lives, and performance capabilities. Their Mi series phones have earned widespread acclaim among photographers and performance enthusiasts for their performance and photography abilities, fast charging capabilities, rapid battery charging speeds and fast battery life. Xiaomi is expanding its presence into midrange markets as well.

Oppo’s smartphones have quickly become the go-to brand in India for their cutting-edge selfie-beautifying technology, which the company has invested heavily in over the past ten years. Oppo phones are affordable yet feature cutting-edge cameras capable of taking professional-grade photographs, making them stand out among competitors and earning them widespread appreciation in India.

iQOO recently unveiled its mid-range Z9 5G smartphone in India. Boasting an advanced processor and four years of guaranteed Android updates, the device boasts a large display, long battery life, dual 50MP+2MP rear cameras with optical image stabilisation, and an 8MP selfie shooter—perfect for everyday life.

91mobiles is an exciting website that caters to tech enthusiasts by providing information about all the newest mobile phones. Users can browse a list of recently released and to-be-launched phones, specifications, and images. Furthermore, users can filter results based on feature links to ensure they find exactly what they’re searching for.


Which Mobile Phone is Trending Now in India? i think OnePlus is well-known for making some of the fastest phones on the market, and the OnePlus 12 is no different. It boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor to ensure smooth running of apps and games alike. There’s also plenty of storage, so there’s never any worry that you will run out of space on this phone! Additionally, its design draws inspiration from high-end phones like the Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S Ultra.

OnePlus was founded by former Oppo Vice President Pete Lau and Carl Pei in 2013 to offer high-performance Android smartphones at prices lower than its rivals. Their inaugural phone, the OnePlus One, was widely lauded for both quality and price; since then, the brand has launched its OnePlus Two and X models before finally unveiling the mid-range phone, the OnePlus Nord, in 2020.

OnePlus enjoys an avid and committed following, with active forums on Reddit and its subreddit dedicated to them and long lines outside physical stores waiting to purchase devices when they launch. Unfortunately, even with such widespread appeal comes some high-profile missteps that have caused much debate within their fan base and among consumers in general.

In 2024, OnePlus raised its flagship prices, sparking outrage from some fans. Now, alongside Apple and Samsung, with premium phones selling at higher costs than its peers, OnePlus remains an attractive option for those seeking top-tier processing power without spending an arm and a leg for it.

OnePlus is known for its minimalist approach to design and software, with Oxygen OS often recognized as one of the premier Android skins due to its speed, smoothness, and lack of bloatware. Recent releases, however, seem to stray away from this approach, which has caused some customer ire. Xiaomi and Samsung both release numerous smartphones each year across multiple lines. At the same time, OnePlus keeps its roster relatively small to focus on each device more thoroughly. It will be interesting to see if OnePlus can maintain this strategy as it grows!


The Realme mobile phone brand has experienced remarkable growth over the last year due to its budget smartphones and great value. Established by Sky Li, formerly vice president and head of Oppo’s overseas business department, Realme phones are produced by BBK Electronics, which is part of Chinese tech giant BBK. These smartphones can be found both online and at its retail stores across India.

Realme phones have built a stellar reputation for quality and affordability in India. Their latest models feature fast charging capabilities, powerful processors, stunning displays, highly durable designs, high-resolution cameras, and photos. Realme has indeed become a household name here!

Which Mobile Phone is Trending Now in India

Realme has recently introduced several flagship models, such as Realme 2 Pro and 1 Pro. Furthermore, the company is working on developing high-end smartphones and expects them to hit shelves in early 2022. These will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipsets with glass-back bodies.

To enhance its presence in India’s smartphone market, Samsung India announced plans to open 25 exclusive service centers by 2019. Partnered with several multi-brand outlets, retail chains, and top e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon to sell and maintain its devices, these service centers will expand Samsung India’s presence across India.

Alongside opening exclusive service centres, Realme plans to sell its phones through traditional retailers, starting with Realme 1 and 2. These two will be introduced first as part of this venture.

Realme 1 is a mid-range smartphone with some of the top specifications available at its price range, including a 6-inch Full HD display, Helio P60 processor, and 6GB RAM. Furthermore, its camera has 13MP rear and 8MP front shooters capable of recording 4 K videos, and battery life may reach four hours on a single charge.


Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company known for producing smartphones, lifestyle products, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices at low prices and with high-end specifications. Xiaomi has experienced rapid expansion over recent years to become one of the world’s premier smartphone makers, their commitment to customers fueling rapid expansion. Xiaomi also pushes technological boundaries; for example, its flagship phones feature triple camera setups, face unlock systems, floating displays, and AI digital assistants for an enhanced customer experience.

Xiaomi’s success has been propelled by a vertically integrated business model that allows it to sell hardware at or below cost while making money through software and content sales. According to Hugo Barra, former Vice President of Google, Xiaomi stands out by being “an Internet and software company much more than a hardware company.” Xiaomi keeps its phones on sale longer—usually eighteen months compared with six for most other phone manufacturers—to keep prices lower while drawing in more customers.

Redmi is Xiaomi’s budget offering and is incredibly popular in both India and China. Their latest phones, such as the Redmi Note 12 series (under $400), have proven popular worldwide. They recently introduced the Poco F1 series mid-range phones featuring flagship specs—their affordability and performance make them global hits!

As Xiaomi expands globally, more brick-and-mortar stores have opened across its global presence. The first store opened in Beijing in 2015, and its products were neatly displayed on wooden tables, similar to Apple stores.

Retail presence is essential to a company. It allows consumers to test its product and see how well it performs while helping the business meet supply shortages more efficiently—for instance when Redmi Note 7 launched, Xiaomi quickly opened over 50 stores in China to meet consumer demand.

Xiaomi manufactures more than smartphones; its product lineup includes power banks and headphones. Fitness trackers and smart TVs from this manufacturer have also become part of its offerings; most notably, an OLED set priced at $2,000 was developed recently.

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