Bajaj Pulsar N160 Review

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 offers many rider-focused features. These include its projector LED headlight and semi-digital instrument cluster that displays key information such as mileage and gear position.

The N160 engine is one of its star features, providing powerful performance across the rev range and outstanding mid-corner stability.

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The Bajaj Pulsar N160 motorcycle is an excellent option for riders seeking a reliable, cost-effective motorcycle with outstanding performance. It boasts an impressive engine and ergonomic design for easy operation, plus many features to enhance rider experience and provide safety/comfort. In addition, riders can customize their look and feel to match their personality by selecting from multiple colours available.

The N160 features a tubular steel frame and uses the same suspension and brakes as its big brother, the N250, giving it a sporty ride that is hard to find elsewhere in its segment. Thanks to its 37mm telescopic fork and gas-charged preload-adjustable mono-shock suspension systems, its ride quality remains smooth, stable, and confident at high speeds, as well as mid-corner turns are easily handled courtesy of these features.

While not as quick as some rivals, the N160 offers an enjoyable riding experience ideal for city driving and long road trips. Braking performance is excellent, and dual-channel ABS prevents skidding under heavy braking – an especially valuable feature in a category where most other bikes only provide single-channel ABS protection.

The N160 stands out with its fuel efficiency, reaching approximately 40kmpl under normal riding conditions. This is an exceptional figure for a 160cc motorcycle, reflecting its superior engine and chassis design and excellent traction and handling on flat and bumpy roads.

The Bajaj Pulsar is an eye-catching motorcycle with muscular lines and an eye-catching design, featuring low-slung headlamps and an eye-catching fuel tank with angular extensions that attract attention at traffic signals. Reminiscent of Yamaha’s MT15 V2, its robotic looks attract admiring glances from onlookers at traffic signals.

The N160 boasts features such as a gear indicator, clock, fuel economy and range display, an LED projector headlamp with twin LED DRLs, LED tail lamp, USB connectivity and powerful brakes with semi-digital instrument cluster.

Price of pulsar n160 negro 2023

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 brings freshness to the 160cc motorcycle segment with an exquisite riding experience and an engine that provides an excellent combination of power and mileage. Plus, this motorcycle boasts excellent safety features that suit daily commuting needs.

The N160 is the first bike in its category to provide dual-channel ABS as an added safety benefit, helping prevent rear wheels from locking up during panic braking and effectively reducing skidding on loose surfaces.

This bike shares many components with its larger sibling, the N250. These include a 37mm telescopic fork and preload-adjustable mono-shock for optimal suspension performance; its suspension system also allows riders to easily find their preferred line around bends while maintaining stability at higher speeds and creating lean angles when cornering.

Other key features include a gear indicator, clock, fuel economy/range indicator, bifunctional LED projector headlamp with DRLs, 17-inch alloy wheels shod with 100/80-17 front and 130/70-17 rear tyres respectively for its 17-inch wheels; ground clearance of 165mm and weight of 152 kg are additional highlights of this bike, along with side-slung exhaust canister, compact petrol tank cowl cover, colour-matched front fender, split seats.

The new N160 is powered by a 160.9cc single-cylinder engine producing 15PS of power and 14.3Nm of torque at 6,500rpm, coupled to a five-speed constant mesh gearbox, enabling it to reach 80km/h in under three seconds.

Pulsar N160 comes in two variants; single-channel ABS costs Rs 1.23 lakh while dual-channel ABS costs 1.28 lakh (both ex-showroom Delhi). ABS versions of both models are only currently available in the Brooklyn Black colourway. Pulsar N160 rivals TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Suzuki Gixxer 155, and Yamaha FZ-S Fi V3.0 for competition.

The N160’s design is inspired by the Pulsar 200NS, making it stylish and sporty. Its muscular-looking fuel tank, headlamp cowl and engine cowl lend it a muscular aesthetic. At the same time, its modern instrument console boasts a digital speedometer and tachometer readouts, trip meters, fuel gauges, and multi-function trip meters for trip tracking purposes. Plus, its comfortable seat and grip for long-distance riding, makes this bike ideal.

Features of pulsar n160 negro 2023

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an attractive commuter bike with outstanding value. Boasting an efficient engine and appealing design, its main features are dual-channel ABS and a semi-digital instrument console. Available in Racing Red and Techno Grey hues, its kerb weight stands at 154 kg while boasting a wheelbase of 1358mm for improved handling and a ground clearance of 165 mm for superior clearance.

The Bajaj N160 features a tubular chassis lighter than its predecessor, the NS160. With a 120 km/h speed and an enjoyable riding experience, this bike also comes equipped with an advanced rear disc brake and a 14-litre fuel tank for ultimate fuel efficiency.

Bajaj has upgraded the N160’s engine, which is now producing more power and torque and increasing its rev range to allow riders to access its full potential more easily. Furthermore, this bike now has an exhaust that reduces noise and vibration levels for added peace of mind.

Style-wise, the N160 boasts a distinctive appearance that is sure to appeal to young buyers. Slim LED DRLs flank its single LED projector headlamp while its side profile boasts a muscular tank with embossed branding – on top of mono-shock front suspension and dual-channel ABS!

The engine of the N160 is quite smooth, tractable, and engaging; however, it lacks urgency in acceleration and top-end performance. It can reach 100 km without straining, while the digital speedometer climbed past 120 before starting to taper off toward the redline. Vibrations could only be felt towards 8,000rpm; transmission is five-speed constant mesh; additionally, it boasts a USB charging port as well as a semi-digital instrument console; powerful front disc brake and 230mm rear disk braking are standard features of this bike!

Review of pulsar n160 negro 2023

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 is an enjoyable and capable bike, perfect for newcomers and experienced riders seeking an upgrade. It boasts a powerful engine, strong suspension and intuitive controls, and provides impressive fuel economy compared to comparable bikes, making this ideal for commuters searching for something reliable yet cost-effective to handle their daily grind.

The N160 shares its platform with the N250, which can be seen when riding and handling it. Both bikes utilize similar chassis, suspension and wheel setups that ensure great high-speed stability and cornering ability; both also boast impressive exhaust notes for 160cc motorcycles.

Performance-wise, the N160 stands out in its segment. Boasting ample torque across its rev range and capable of reaching 70kmph with ease in third gear, its only weakness lies with its top-end wallop; if speed and excitement are key components to you, then this may not be an appropriate option.

Even without top-end power, the N160 is agile enough for city streets. It can easily cruise at 30-35kmph in fifth gear without difficulty and has enough pull to do overtakes without much fuss. But to experience its full potential, you must go beyond 5000rpm.

The N160 features an impressive list of amenities, such as a USB charger and a semi-digital instrument console, dual-channel ABS with a 14-litre tank capacity, and a 17-inch alloy wheel. Weighing 154kg, its wheelbase measures 1,358mm with a seat height of 795mm and ground clearance of 165mm for perfect maneuverability. In addition, rearview mirrors and bulb-type turn indicators come standard, as do bidirectional LED projector-style headlights and twin LED DRLs for additional illumination of road conditions.

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